Let’s see … lifeguard, camp counselor, summer intern … polar bear spotter! Can you scream "polar bear" at the top of your lungs? If so and you’re in need of a summer job, there may be none cooler (literally) than the position being offered by the governor’s office of the Svalbard islands.

Falling midway between Norway and the North Pole, the archipelago is in need of a polar bear spotter. Yes, a polar bear spotter, whose responsibility will be to warn researchers doing projects in the region. Despite their languid demeanor as they frolic with cubs as snapped by wildlife photographers, polar bears are seriously fierce. And in the archipelago, polar bears outnumber humans; 3,000 polar bears to 2,400 people.

The job requirements aren’t that demanding – an enjoyment of the outdoors, strong vocal chords, the ability to identify polar bears, and competence with firearms. But Helge Solli from the governor’s office says the successful candidate likely won’t have to use a gun “just as long as they have a loud voice” to scare off any bears. That said, people traveling outside of settlements are required to carry a rifle for protection against the world’s largest carnivore.

The job starts July 8 and lasts three weeks.

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