You can watch a tiny black bear 24 hours a day as he sleeps, snuggles and grows, thanks to a live webcam installed at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in Pittstown, New Jersey.

When he's not being bottle-fed, the five-week-old cub named Mike spends his days in an incubator surrounded by pillows, blankets and stuffed toys.

Mike and his brother, Ike, were orphaned four weeks ago when a deer hunter stumbled upon their ground den and shot the cubs' mother in self-defense.

Ike died of unknown reasons not long after his arrival at the refuge, but wildlife rehabilitators say Mike is doing well.

He weighed just a pound when he was rescued and was estimated to be only a week old, but now his eyes are starting to open and he's eating well.

"The first 48 hours were really touchy," said Tracy Leaver, executive director of the refuge. "One of the things that we have to do in working with orphans that come in is to really clean their systems out of the mother's milk because we're going to introduce a foreign substance in the formula that we'll be feeding them."

For the first two days, Mike drank Pedialyte from a bottle six to eight times a day, and workers slowly mixed in formula. Leaver says Mike will soon begin to drink a full formula that closely mimics a mother bear's milk.

The cub will remain at the facility until early March. By then, Leaver and biologists from the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife hope to find a nursing bear in the wild to foster him.

Until then, you can watch Mike on the webcam day and night. The tiny bear is removed for feedings and sometimes he may be tucked under a blanket, but most of the time he can be seen snoozing away in his incubator.

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Orphaned black bear cub gets live webcam
You can watch the 5-week-old cub in his incubator at a wildlife refuge 24 hours a day.