Baby elephant with mom

Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

New addition to the herd

A baby Asian elephant named Anchali stands next to her mother Pang Pha on Aug. 15 at the Berlin Zoo in Berlin, Germany. Anchali was born to Pang Pha and father Victor on Aug. 12, measuring a little over 3 feet high and weighing in at 353 pounds.


Fingers are crossed for the survival of the young calf, whose siblings all died young due to the highly fatal elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus that currently infects the entire Asian elephant herd at the Berlin Zoo. Although adult elephants who contract the virus later in life are typically not affected, approximately 80 percent of infected young elephants up to the age of 8 are killed due to internal hemorrhaging.


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Photo: Arrival of baby Asian elephant prompts joy and worry
Staff and visitors of the Berlin Zoo are celebrating the birth of the calf despite fears that it might eventually succumb to a fatal virus.