Shetland ponies wearing sweaters

Photo: Rob McDougall/VisitScotland

Winter woolies

Shetland pony ambassadors Fivla and Vitamin model handmade wool sweaters knitted by local Shetlander Doreen Brown at the Thorndale Shetland Driving Centre in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

According to caretakers Frances Taylor and Jo Tonkinson, the white pony, Fivla, is a calm, loving 17-year-old who is very good friends with 18-year-old Vitamin, the black pony.

The photo op is part of the Year of Natural Scotland, a campaign organized by national tourism organization VisitScotland to showcase the nation's outstanding natural beauty and encourage tourism. In addition to Shetland's iconic ponies, the small chain of islands are also known for their birdwatching, sandy beaches and cultural events like Up Helly Aa, Europe's largest fire festival.

Watch this video to learn how to dress a pony in a sweater:

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Pony sweaters: All the rage in the Shetland Islands [Photo]
Shetland pony ambassadors sport handmade wool sweaters to promote tourism in Scotland.