A round-tailed ground squirrel got a second chance at life, thanks to a kind-hearted pool guy.

When pool repairman Rick Gruber saw the squirrel drowning in a Phoenix, Arizona, pool last month, he fished it out of the water.

He then performed a modified version of CPR by draping the animal over a pipe and gently pressing on its ribcage.

Afterward, Gruber laid the critter down and waited beside him, occasionally stroking its head.

"I know you probably feel like crap," he said to the squirrel when it started to stir. "You were just dead."

After a few more minutes of rest, the animals slowly stands, gets his bearings and scurries off.

Gruber recently told CNN he wouldn’t discriminate if any species needed CPR.

"I would do it for anybody. A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything."

You can watch the full hour of Gruber's footage on YouTube. Check out some photos from the dramatic rescue below.

Rick Gruber performs CPR on ground squirrel

ground squirrel after almost drowning

groudn squirrel waking up

ground squirrel starts walking

ground squirrel running away

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Pool guy saves drowning squirrel with CPR
When Rick Gruber saw the ground squirrel in a pool, he fished it out and performed CPR — and caught it on video.