A wallaby that found itself in the drink in Sydney, Australia, can thank some quick-thinking humans for a happy ending. When they came across the wallaby, crew members from a local ferry operation were quick to help.

The video above shows the crew grabbing a rope to get the animal out of the water at Manly Wharf near Sydney, Australia. Once safe and secure, the wallaby was taken to Forest Animal Hospital for a medical evaluation.

The animal is now being treated at Waratah Park, a Sydney wildlife rehab facility. Officials say the wallaby will be released in the next day or so after it's fully healthy.

This isn't the first video to go viral recently involving a wallaby near Sydney. Last month, a wallaby was on the loose on Sydney Harbour Bridge. Luckily, it was captured and taken to a rehab center as well.

At least one local publication says the increase in odd wallaby situations is encroachment — with so much land being cleared, the animals don't have an easy way to get from Point A to Point B and avoid humans at the same time.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Quick-thinking ferry team rescues wallaby
A ferry crew at Manly Wharf near Sydney, Australia, rescues a drowning wallaby.