A week-old panther kitten found cold and unresponsive at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is making good progress after a harrowing start.

The single, male kitten was discovered in a den at the refuge, and panther boilogists were sure that the best chance of survival lay with them. The kitten was taken to a special animal hospital in Naples, Fla. It's not clear what happened to the kitten's mother.

Once the kitten was strong enough to travel, biologists brought him to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Since his arrival, the kitten has been gaining weight and will soon be weaned from bottle feeding to a meat diet.

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Rescued panther kitten is on the mend
A 7-day-old panther kitten found cold and listless inside a den is rescued by biologists. Two weeks later, the vocal little creature is doing well.