A brush fire in Brazil during 2015 nearly killed this tortoise, which was brought to a rescue center for treatment. With nearly 85 percent of her shell destroyed, she wasn't doing so well, but a group of specialists in Sao Paulo called the Animal Avengers — at team that includes four veterinarians, a dental surgeon and a designer — got to work on a novel idea. They decided to print her a new shell made of corn-based plastic.

The shell is made of four interlocking pieces, which were hand-painted by an artist to resemble what her real shell would look like. After a successful surgery to attach her shell, Freddy is mobile and back to looking like any healthy tortoise.

According to the team, this custom tortoise shell prosthesis is a first. "The group combines technology with members' love for animals to create innovative ways to help maimed creatures. They have already saved seven animals that would have been euthanized" reports ABC News. That includes creating 3-D printed prosthetic beaks for a toucan, a parrot, a goose and a macaw.

Jaymi Heimbuch ( @jaymiheimbuch ) focuses on wildlife conservation and animal news from her home base in San Francisco.

Rescued tortoise shows off custom 3-D printed shell
After surviving a forest fire, Freddy the tortoise needed a lot of help, including a new carapace.