A couple of white tiger cubs are celebrating their first birthday today at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota.

Jeremy and Simon have a full day of festivities ahead of them, including taking a dip in the pool, smashing watermelons and indulging in a frozen birthday cake.

Although the sanctuary has rescued a number of tigers in the past, these are its first tiger cubs, and they came to the refuge from a facility that was breeding them.

White tigers, while beautiful, are the result of inbreeding, and attempts to breed them often lead to a surplus of orange tigers. The inbreeding required to produce the mutation of a white coat can also cause a variety of defects, including crossed eyes, cleft palates and clubfeet.

"When we have the chance to remove two white tiger cubs from the breeding pool and neuter them, we do," the sanctuary said in a news release.

Jeremy and Simon received their names from eBay users who bid for the rights to name the cubs in December.

Nonprofit Tigers in America named Jeremy after one of its original team members who participated in the largest tiger rescue in U.S. history, while Simon received his name in honor of a late pet cat.

The year-old cubs have outgrown their original space at the sanctuary and will move into a larger space — complete with a pool and trees and perches to climb — this summer. Those looking to give Jeremy and Simon a birthday gift can donate to the creation of this improved space.

For now, the energetic cubs are wrestling and chasing each other in their current space, and they've even earned themselves a nickname.

"They're affectionately known as the Destructive Duo since they're about as rambunctious as you can imagine tiger tots could possibly be," the sanctuary's manager said.

Watch some of Jeremy and Simon's birthday escapades in the video below.

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Rescued white tiger cubs celebrate their first birthday
Jeremy and Simon are celebrating with a few of their favorite things: swimming, watermelons and, of course, birthday cake.