A barn owl put a couple’s wedding on hold in England this weekend when it flew into the church rafters with their wedding bands and fell asleep.

The bride, Sonia Cadman, and her mother had hired a falconer as a surprise for the groom, and the owl was supposed to deliver the rings to the altar.

“The idea was it'd be amazing and would swoop over the heads of the guests, and they'd all feel the air rushing from its wings, but it didn't quite work like that," Rev. Chris Bryan told The Telegraph.

When the best man was supposed to hand the rigns to the groom, Andrew Matley, the falconer signaled Darcy the barn owl to fly.

It took a bit of coaxing, but she finally took flight — straight to the ceiling of the 900-year-old church.

Darcy settled on a rafter and promptly fell asleep with the wedding bands dangling from ribbons attached to her feet.

After several failed attempts to coax the bird down, Rev. Bryan decided to move on to Plan B.

"They say never work with animals, so we had a back-up pair of rings,” he said.

By the time the falconer retrieved Darcy — with the help of a tall ladder — the couple was already married and had left the church.

Perhaps Darcy only makes deliveries on behalf of Hogwarts.

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Ring-bearing owl fails to deliver couple's wedding bands
Darcy the barn owl was supposed to fly the rings to the altar, but she took to the rafters and fell asleep instead.