Baby orangutan

Photo: Roslan Rahman/Getty Images

Priceless primate expressions

A Bornean orangutan mother named Mari spends quality time with here currently unnamed son on March 6 at the Singapore Zoo. The baby orangutan, born on Jan. 21, is the 40th orangutan birth at the zoo, which boasts the largest captive colony of endangered Sumatran and Bornean orangutans.

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Baby lions

Photo: Luis Robayo/Getty Images

Purrfectly adorable

A pair of 20-day-old lion cubs play with their mother on Feb. 11 at the zoo in Cali, Colombia.

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Baby crocodile

Photo: Patrick Pleul/Getty Images

That's one fierce croc baby

An 18-day-old crocodile baby bares its teeth on Feb. 18 while being held by Karl-Heinz Voigt, hobby breeder and founder of the Krokodilstation ("Crocodile Station" in English) in Golzow, Germany.

The Krokodilstation started out as a private terrarium by Voigt, but he later opened it to the public in 2001. It's currently open from May to September.

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Polar bear cubs with their mother

Photo: Radek Mica/AFP/Getty Images

Smile for the cameras

Cora, a female polar bear, keeps a watchful eye on her two polar bear cubs on March 16 inside their enclosure at the zoo in Brno, Czech Republic. This is the first public presentation of the cubs since Cora gave birth to them two months ago.

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Baby gorilla

Photo: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images

Gorilla yawns

Kijivu, a western lowland gorilla, snuggles with her yawning 3-month-old baby on March 15 at the zoo in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Baby meerkats

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Just hangin' out

A meerkat pup lounges with adult meerkats on March 11 in their enclosure at the Oakland Zoo in the Bay Area of California. The pup is one of three 6-week-old meerkat babies, who are named Ayo, Rufaro and Nandi, to join the Oakland Zoo's clan of meerkats.

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Newborn lamb

Photo: Robin Utrecht/Getty Images

Newborn lamb

A sheep licks her newborn lamb covered in hay on Feb. 20 in a stable in Heeze-Leende, the Netherlands. At least 40 other lambs were born around the same time at this farm, marking one of the early signs of spring.

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Baby giraffe

Photo: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images

Endangered, yet adorable

A baby Rothschild giraffe, one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe, stands in front of her mother on March 15 at the zoo in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Baby rhino with mother

Photo: Ben Beaden/Australia Zoo via Getty Images

Baby Mango

Mango, a baby rhino born on Feb. 7, hangs out with his mother on March 12 inside their enclosure at the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Australia.

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Baby mandrill breastfeeding

Photo: Matthias Hiekel/AFP/Getty Images

'Little warrior'

Newborn mandrill Tacari is breastfed by his mother Ikela on March 12 at the zoo in Dresden, Germany. Tacari, whose name literally means 'little warrior,' was born at the zoo on Feb. 21.

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