There are few stories animal lovers revel in more than the ones in which a captive creature says, “Forget this, I’m so outta here.” Especially when the “here” is a slaughterhouse.

Early Thursday morning in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, a runaway goat, replete with stereotypically adorable curled horns, was spotted running around like some kind of wild animal (oh, wait…). We see a lot of crazy, insane, inexplicable things in New York City. Livestock on the lam isn’t usually one of them.

As one onlooker told ABC: “First, me, I was like, ‘Oh snap, a goat.’

"I was just walking across the street to get some Popeye’s, I come around the corner and the next thing I know I see a goat coming around my way, galloping toward me,” another witness told CBS. “Banging his head against two doors, to no avail, then it started running ’cause the cops were after it."

The police officers, about half a dozen of them, were apparently better-suited to rounding up robbers than raucous ruminants, with slapstick antics ensuing as the cops chased the disoriented goat around in circles. Finally the goat, who we suspect has some sort of goaty sixth sense, made it to the parking lot of the Interfaith Medical Center, where lo and behold, a security guard helped capture the animal. A security guard who was, get this, once a goat herder in West Africa. Only in New York.

The parking-lot-turned-rodeo action resulted in the captured and properly-bound goat being hauled off in the back seat of a patrol car, as can be seen in the video below. But what fate could possibly befall this billy once in police custody?

Noting the slaughterhouse tag on the hoofed dude’s ear, animal lovers following the story feared he would be returned to the abattoir to fulfill his fate as someone’s supper. Fortunately, destiny has other plans for the furry fugitive; as of the writing of this story, he’s en route to the ever-awesome Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York. You go, goat!

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