Scientists have really outdone themselves on Twitter.

First, there was the #FieldworkFail hashtag where they shared the humorous mishaps that occur while studying animals in the wild.

Then, last week, the #JunkOff began, plastering Twitter with images of memorable animal genitalia.

And now, in what’s undoubtedly the best of their hashtags yet, there’s the #CuteOff.

Scientists are sharing adorable photos of the animals they study, and many of the species they’re tweeting aren’t the ones that come to mind when you think of cute critters.

From baby bobcats to tiny nudibranches, take a look at some of the best entries in this good-natured competition.

Scientists are having a #CuteOff on Twitter
In the most adorable competition ever, scientists are sharing aww-inducing photos of the species they study.