When I first got to Morocco, I was a little nervous about all the street dogs running around. But I quickly learned that Morrocan street dogs are a different breed from other dogs I had encountered.

The dogs I met were weirdly friendly for street dogs. In fact, they felt more like collective pets, rather than wild animals. Also, they were adorable. I have the photos to prove it.

puppy yawning in Morocco Being a street dog is hard work. Even the toughest puppies get tired. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

dog facing sunset Here's the photo that should be on this dog's movie poster. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

mother dog sleeping with her puppy This mama had three puppies, and all but this one had been adopted by the time I left. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

pack of dogs playing by the sunset in Morocco A pack of dogs usually played by the beach around sunset. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

puppy sitting in plants He was hanging out by the beach, living it up. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

two puppies playing on beach A crowd of tourists couldn't stop photographing these guys, including me. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

dog facing sunset This guy sat still for me for almost 10 minutes, an eternity in dog time. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

puppies playing in Morocco These puppies were constantly playing outside a local cafe. (Photo: Ilana Strauss)

Meet the street dogs of Morocco
When I traveled to Africa, I couldn't resist photographing all the street dogs of Morocco.