Smarter Every Day is always exploring something cool or unusual, and this time, it's the inside of a kangaroo pouch.

We've probably all wondered about just what it's like inside that stretchy pouch, and how a joey manages to crawl in and out, especially as it gets bigger. So Destin Sandlin, the series' host, takes us with him as he learns more about kangaroos and their pouches — including right on inside the pouch itself.

The pouch is surprisingly small, and it stretches like elastic. It's entirely hairless and has light and dark spots on the skin. Well, you can see for yourself here:

The hairless, warm pouch is a safe place for the tiny joey — which when it's born is about the size of a jelly bean. It's in the pouch that the joey finds a nipple to feed on milk, and stay safe as it grows. The joey stays in the pouch full-time until it is about 8 months old, at which point it takes its first steps into the outside world. The joey will spend another couple months spending time both inside and outside of the pouch, and when it is about 10 months old, it will leave the safety of its mother's pouch for good.

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Take a peek inside a kangaroo's pouch
It's not every day you get to see what a joey sees.