Oh, Norwegian television, why can’t all televised broadcasting be so great … and so sedate? The country that gave us slow TV – complete with a languid seven-hour train ride through the countryside, eight hours of unhurried knitting, and 12 hours of logs being chopped and lazily burned – now gives us the greatest gift of all: The Piip-Show.

The 24/7 online program created by NRK, the country’s public broadcasting company, is part reality show, part live bird cam, and all things wonderful. OK, so maybe it’s just a bird feeder modeled to look like a coffee shop with a hidden camera; but what a bird feeder it is! And the characters!

We’ve got the short-tempered nuthatch, the ever-forgetful blue tit, the depressed bullfinch, the ostentatious woodpecker and of course, Ester the squirrel, who creates all kinds of havoc when she muscles her way in for some of that delicious birdseed.


The drama!

“Like in any other bar there is bickering, petty theft, fighting and attempts at romance,” notes the show’s web page.

And indeed, what’s reality TV without some romance? The Piip-Show has also created a spin-off (of sorts) for the fan-favorite great tit couple, Silje and Paul. Viewers can now watch the flirty birds in their dollhouse of a studio apartment just down the way from the coffee shop. And while the courtship is over, we can still ogle the fruits of their affair: live baby birds!  

That’s right, tune in now and watch the gaping mouths chirping away as Silje forages for food and stays busy tending to the nest … while Paul hangs with his pals at the coffee shop.


Hilarity ensues.

Watch the live broadcasts of both the coffee shop and the great tit family here. And be grateful that somewhere in the world, birds and squirrels are more entertaining than bachelorettes and celebrity sisters.

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