It's not every day that you're sitting in the lobby of your hotel and glance up from your news paper to see a family of elephants strolling by. But if you visit the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, at the right time of year, then that scenario might just happen for you!

On the hotel grounds is a wild mango tree which fruits each year in October and November. The elephant family knows about this annual treat and shows up almost every day during the season to feast on the fallen fruits. To get to the tree, they do what any one of us would do -- walk straight through the lobby! Thanks to the mango tree, both the elephants and the hotel guests enjoy a sweet treat and it has become something that the hotel staff looks forward to every year.

elephants in lobby

To capture the event, photographer Will Burrard-Lucas set up remote control cameras. "I spent a few days getting this shot - I basically sat in reception all day waiting for the elephants to turn up," he told MNN. "They appear very quickly without much notice so you have to be set up and waiting! I manually triggered the camera with a wireless remote. I knew the route the elephants would take so I was able to set-up the composition to get the family of elephants in front of the reception desk."

The spectacle is very special, though the proximity and calm demeanor of the elephants might make it a little too easy to forget something quite important: "It is very exciting for the guests. It isn’t everyday that you see an elephant inside a lodge! However, people forget that these are wild animals and so they have to be reminded not to get too close to them!"

You can view more of the gorgeous photography of Burrard-Lucas on his Facebook page or by following him on Instagram.

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This herd of wild elephants enjoys a stroll through a hotel lobby
A hidden camera captures a family of elephants waltzing through a hotel lobby on their way to visit fruit trees on the hotel grounds.