Sure, you could put away books at the library or pick up litter. But if you want a volunteer gig that's tops in adorableness, you can't top this: A farm in Virginia is looking for tender-hearted people to snuggle with its baby goats.

Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia, makes cheeses from its herd of Alpine, Saanen and La Mancha goats. The farm expects about 90 baby goats to be born by or during early February, reports NBC29-TV. Because the kids are separated from their mothers after 24 hours, volunteers are needed to bottle-feed the babies four times a day so their mothers can be milked.

goat wearing sweater The baby goats are kept in pens, separated by size, with heaters and hay to keep them warm. They even wear tiny goat sweaters to fight off the cold.

"This is kidding season. It's going to be a really happy and really hectic time," the farm's Isabella Zechini told NBC29. "We love to have people come and see that whole process, see where their food comes from."

You don't need previous animal-handling experience to volunteer, just an interest in snuggling and feeding the newborn babies.

Caromont Farm created an online sign-up sheet for goat duty. The four-hour shifts (from Feb. 7 through mid-March) are full, but keeping checking back to see if more slots open up.

Because volunteers were so quick to help out, the farm is hosting a free Goatapalooza on April 3 from noon to 4 for "anyone who would still like to come get some goat love in."

Photo of goat in sweater: Caromont Farm/Facebook

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Would you like to snuggle a baby goat?
A Virginia farm is looking for volunteers to love on the newborn kids.