Grizzly bears are top-notch eaters, and they eat just about anything, from moose to moles to plants. Naturally, they enjoy seafood as well, but they prefer it when the seafood just sort of hops into their waiting mouths, a la salmon.

What they don't like is when the seafood attempts to fight back.

Such was the situation this grizzly cub found itself in. It gets its claw stuck in a scallop's shell, and it has no idea what to do. Those pesky water fowls are just staring, probably laughing, and all the while, the cub looks completely flummoxed. At some point, the little one manages to retract its claw and escape the shell's grip.

A day along the river's edge can be a lesson about not playing with your food. Or, in this case, not letting your food play with you.

Mom? … Anybody? Adorable bear cub needs a hand with clingy scallop
This grizzly bear cub thought he was just enjoying a day at the river's edge before a scallop shell ruined it.