Dominyk Lever, a photographer based in Tanzania, was just taking in some of the fishing in Ohio. He didn't expect to be adopted by three baby raccoons.

"It was the middle of the day and [I] looked down at my feet to see the three raccoons approaching me and clamoring to climb up my legs, which I let them do," said Lever in an email to National Geographic.

And you know the old saying: If you give a raccoon your legs, they're going to want to lick your ear. Which is what they did to Lever.

Another fisherman built the trio a small shelter, and they seem to be acting more independently as time goes on, which is a good thing for motherless raccoons to do. You can't rely on humans for everything, after all.

As to why young raccoons seemed so keen to adopt Lever, Suzanne MacDonald, a professor at York University and National Geographic explorer who studies raccoon behavior has a very solid theory: "I mean, his face looks very 'raccoon-y.'"

Adorable orphan raccoons adopt a fisherman
This fisherman was just minding his own business in Ohio when three raccoons began to climb all over him.