The Polstons of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, thought it was an Easter morning burglary when they heard furniture being moved around on their second-story porch. It turned out the intruder was a 9-foot long alligator — and it wasn't all that eager to leave.

At first the Polstons thought it was some weird prank, that someone had left a very large plastic gator on their porch, but when they tapped on the glass, its head moved.

"It was just surreal. It was so bizarre," Susie Polston told the Post and Courier.

The Polstons summoned Gator Getter Consultants in an attempt to have the very large critter removed, but the professionals didn't have much luck. The alligator was too big and too aggressive for their usual methods, and the porch was decidedly cramped with the gator in there.

After a few hours spent coaxing the alligator to leave, the Gator Getters told the Polstons they could either wait for the alligator to leave on its own — which could take days — or per South Carolina state law, the animal could be euthanized. (The Polstons chose the latter option ... and then went shopping for a gator-proof door.)

An alligator on a South Carolina porch So, what would you do if you saw this on your porch? (Photo: Steven Polston)

Alligator refuses to leave South Carolina porch
This alligator climbed up through a screen door to a second-story porch and didn't want to leave.