The old "now you see it, now you don't" magic trick has amazed many a human, but perhaps never as much as it shocked this baboon.

The human magician does his job, making sure the baboon sees the soon-to-disappear card and then ... poof! It's gone! The previously unimpressed baboon can't believe its eyes! Nor can the baboon believe it when the card reappears in the man's hand as the it tries to reach for it through the enclosure's glass.

The baboon is simply surprised, not angry or agitated. According to Ian C. Colquhoun, a primatologist at the University of Western Ontario who spoke to the Huffington Post, the baboon would have behaved more aggressively had it been angry.

"While the male hamadryas baboon unquestionably reacts to the sleight-of-hand card trick, I would not characterize that reaction as overtly, or extremely, aggressive. If it were, the baboon would have been prominently displaying his canine teeth, and the gape of its mouth would have been much greater — what primatologists refer to as an 'open-mouth threat.'"

Maybe the baboon would have been more startled — and possibly aggressively so — if the man made one of his zoo mates disappear?

Baboon in awe of simple magic trick
A basic sleight of hand trick leaves this baboon amazed.