It was not a good day for Grazer, a bear who resides in Alaska's Katmai National Park. As this wildlife camera from captured, Grazer was keeping an eye on a waterfall in the park, perhaps looking for some fish to scoop up for a meal, when one of her cubs sails over the edge of the waterfall.

Grazer responds to this sight with some understandable agitation. You can see Grazer popping her jaw, a signal of anxiety in bears. When a second one of her cubs goes over the fall, Grazer springs into action, running down the side of the falls to check on the two cubs that have had the aquatic tumble.

Thankfully, both cubs seem fine as they pad close to the shore — the river bed doesn't appear particularly deep — and Grazer is likely relieved by that. However, there's one more cub that takes a ride on the rapids, but it swims right over to Grazer's after its drop, apparently no worse for wear.

The cubs owe Grazer a really nice Mother Bear Day's gift this year.

Mother bear rushes to aid of cubs caught in waterfall
This mother bear can't look away even for a moment as her cubs slide down waterfalls in Katmai National Park.