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The giant chicken is in control now.

What're you're seeing stepping out from its coop like it owns the entire world and not just the tiny patch of yard is most likely a Brahma chicken. Brahma chickens, according to The Livestock Conservancy, range between 13-14 pounds for females and a whopping 17-18 pounds for the males. (This one seems like he may weigh a bit more than that.)

The history of the Brahma is a little sketchy. It's suspected that the breed is a mix of fowls from China and Bangladesh, but they were bred in America. As the conservancy reminds us, there weren't many regulations back in the 1850s, which is when the bird first started appearing, so a proper tracking of the breed's creation isn't easy to come by. But we do now that due to their size, Brahma chickens were a popular source of meat from their initial appearance until the 1930s.

Now, before you begin to panic that the Brahmas will lead a chicken revolution against us, you shouldn't worry too much. The chickens are known for the docile nature, and they can't even fly all that well.

Of course, that could just be what they want us to think.

Make way for the king of all chickens
Brahma chickens are typically pretty large, but this Twitter video reveals a particularly super-sized specimen.