Bigfoot is apparently a birdwatcher. (Who knew?)

This footage, which was captured in May, is from CarbonTV, an online platform for outdoor-centric videos, including wildlife livestreams. One such livestream is of this bald eagle nest in Michigan. A Bigfoot aficionado noticed that the camera picked up on a bipedal figure lumbering through the woods in the upper-right hand corner, albeit well below the nest and outside the camera's focus. A CarbonTV executive discovered the clip on a Bigfoot site, and the company decided to help bring that aspect of video into focus (kind of) in the clip above.

Obviously the image could be of anything. It could be Bigfoot, the perpetually grainy and out-of-focus resident of various forests around the United States. It could also be a human hiking through the forest. As Jeff Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who is also a Bigfoot scholar, explained to USA Today, "It is an interesting video, but remains just that, given the lack of scale and detail in the image of the figure."

But it's probably still totally Bigfoot.

Bigfoot keeps an eye on Michigan eaglets
A wildlife camera catches a shadowy figure lurking in the woods. It must be Bigfoot.