When getting ready for a photo shoot, there's plenty that needs to be considered. Is the lighting right? Does the subject need props? How much is going to be done in Photoshop? But when it's a photo shoot for an animal, like this adorable koala named Willow, there has to be some consideration that Willow's going to do whatever Willow wants. She's a koala, after all.

What you can't plan for, however, is when the subject of the photo shoot and a prop really seem to bond.

Such was the case at the Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia. Willow was being filmed and photographed for the park's new sustainability videos, and the video was going to feature a butterfly on a flower as the opening shot, according to Symbio's marketing and creative services manager, Kevin Fallon. Willow, however, decided that the butterfly should join her in the shoot.

"When we actually put the butterfly on the flower, Willow came running over and starting getting really inquisitive, nuzzling up to it," Fallon told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "Before we knew it, it actually flew onto Willow's head and then stayed there for ages."

Just goes to show that some stars know how to share the spotlight.

Butterfly adds flare to koala's photo shoot
Willow the koala was happy to share the spotlight at her photo shoot with a butterfly.