A video has captured a spellbinding sight: At least 1,000 dolphins rushing through Monterey Bay in a superpod, creating a spectacle as they track down their morning meal.

The video was taken by The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Dolphins typically swim in pods of a few dozen at a time, but a superpod sighting is rare, especially so close to shore. (However, there were reports of a superpod of 100,000 dolphins near San Diego in 2013!)

Seeing hundreds of these creatures together, racing after billions of baitfish, is mesmerizing.

It occurs when the food source the dolphins are hunting change direction and pods start to overlap, bringing multiple pods together in a beautiful, almost synchronized swim towards nourishment.

They work together to corral schools of small fish so that everyone gets ample food for their efforts.

This is just one of many incredible things dolphins do. Whether it's going without sleep for weeks on end, teaching their young how to use tools or communicating through signature pod whistles, the surprising facts about dolphins are numerous — and impressive.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Captivating video shows a superpod of dolphins chasing prey in California
Captivating video shows a large superpod of dolphins chasing their prey in California's Monterey Bay.