When you share a communal fridge, you know to put your name on that sandwich or slice of cake brought from home. Every once in a while, some inconsiderate person will ignore your declaration of ownership and eat it anyway. But on the upside, at least people don't just steal food out of your hand as you're about to take a bite!

That was the sad fate of a sloth at the Sosto Zoo in Hungary. Said sloth was hanging out, enjoying a bit of fruit, when a monkey scampered across the rope, snatched the fruit from the sloth's claws, took a little nibble and then scooted away before the sloth could grab the cheeky monkey's tail and get the snack back.

(We hope someone at the zoo got that sloth a new piece of fruit!)

Cheeky monkey steals sloth's fruit
This thieving monkey snags it and runs without a single a concern for the sloth's hunger.