Randa Szymanski and her husband thought that bears were getting into their trash cans. This was an understandable assumption given that they live in Haines, Alaska, where foraging bears are a part of life. So imagine the Szymanskis' surprise when they discovered it was an industrious raven causing the ruckus.

After some fiddling, it doesn't take the ebony avian long to unlatch the trash can's handle. The raven isn't even fooled by the rock that's sitting on the lid. Clearly, this is not the raven's first heist, and it knows a feint when it sees one.

Ravens, like crows, are remarkably crafty birds. Studies have demonstrated that they can solve logic puzzles almost straight away, without any conditioning or a prolonged learning process. So maybe instead of building a better mouse trap, we need to work on a better raven lock.

Clever raven outsmarts locked trash can
Not even your locked trash is safe from ravens!