It turns out that Tiggers aren't the only ones who are bouncy, trouncy, flouncy and pouncy.

This sika deer in Dorset, England, is pronking, otherwise known as stotting. Other animals engage in this behavior, including gazelles and lambs. The reasons for this bouncy behavior aren't very clear, so theories range from warning other animals of nearby predators to a demonstration of physical fitness and sexual desirability.

The latter idea is one endorsed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. They explained to Earth Touch News Network that it's rutting and mating season for the sika, and this deer's happy prancing may just be a way to attract mates ... and scare off other would-be suitors.

Sika deer shakes what its mama gave it
The deer bounces (or pronks) along the shore of an English lake, happy as a clam.