Wildlife photography can be a tricky and dangerous business, but technology has made it easier than ever, especially with a little DIY spirit.

Devised by photographer Chris McLennan and engineered by Carl Hansen in 2013, the Car-L is a remote-controlled drone-buggy with a camera mounted in a modified sound blimp. Some additional wiring to rig up the photo clicking, and the Car-L was all set photograph lions in Africa.

This camera on wheels does a good job, too! First up is an isolated male lion that takes a bit of interest in Car-L. But it's the pride of lioness that are the most curious about this tiny little technological creature. They approach it slowly and begin to paw and bite at it until one of those members picks it up by the wheel and runs off with it.

Luckily, McLennan is able to retrieve Car-L from the pride, and the recovered shots are well worth the busted up drone-buggy.

Drone-buggy gets up close and personal with a pride of lions
Photographer Chris McLennan devised a drone-buggy to take close-ups of lions.