Traditionally, the Hamptons, that string of seaside estates on Long Island, are known as a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A large school of fish clearly had the same idea in mid-August, as they gathered about 50 feet offshore. Sadly, the relaxing getaway was not to be, as some sharks crashed the party.

Caught by a drone operated by Tovi Sonnenberg, the footage shows the sharks swimming through the fish and the fish engaging in bird-like flocking behavior to avoid getting gobbled up by the sharks. The result is a hypnotic ocean dance between predator and prey, of opening and closing paths within the school.

The fish's flocking tactics are sound, however. "It makes it hard for a predator to pick out just one. The predator lunges in a general direction but doesn't focus on one fish, so it usually misses," Jason McNamee, a scientific adviser at the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation based in Vancouver, explained to Global News.