It's just another day at the elephant pool in South Korea's Seoul Grand Park Zoo. An elephant parent and its offspring are by the pool, and the infant dips its head into the pool, perhaps just playing around. That's when things go from run-of-the-mill outing to a situation that requires quick thinking.

The infant slips into the pool — at the deep end, naturally — and it's struggling to keep its head above water. Upon hearing the splash, a nearby adult rushes over to the parent to help, and help it does. While the parent is focused on the edge of the pool, the other adult pushes the parent to head for the pool's ramp so they might wade into the pool and save the infant that way, which is exactly what they do.

The duo manage to seemingly trap the infant between them and herd it back up the ramp and onto solid ground — which was probably a relief to everyone. While all the action is happening around the pool, in a fenced-off part of the enclosure, you can see a third adult pacing back and forth in a panic.

Elephants are very social creatures, especially those that live in zoos. So it seems only natural for a nearby elephant to spring into action while another is anxious that it can't help. This episode worked out fine for this little elephant calf, and it looks like that extended family will be looking out for him for a long time to come.

Quick-thinking elephants save the day
Elephants in a South Korean zoo move quickly to help a baby elephant that stumbled into the deep end of the pool.