An elk trotting around the northern part of South Carolina since Oct. 21 has caused quite a stir, and it's for good reason: Elks haven't been spotted in the state since the 1700s.

Elks in South Carolina were largely wiped out by hunting, so it's only natural that elks would shy away from the state. But this bull elk, possibly ousted from a herd in North Carolina, must have heard that as of 2011, it's illegal to hunt or kill elk in the state, so he decided to take in the sights of the Palmetto State.

The elk has been spotted at a church camp, a post office, neighborhood yards and a golf course. Unfortunately, the elk has no fear of humans, happily clopping up to them and eating from their hands.

But just because the elk doesn't mind humans doesn't mean humans shouldn't mind the elk. Biologists from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) have advised that humans keep their distance due to the damage the animal's antlers could do. The agency is also asking drivers in the upstate area to be extra cautious.

So soak in the rare view from a distance while you can, South Carolinians. The SCDNR believes the elk will likely leave as soon as he realizes there are no females around, heading back to North Carolina to mate.

Elk sighting in S.C. is the first in 275 years
The elk has been making the rounds, including a post office and a golf course.