Portland, Oregon, has been covered in snow this week — with 6.5 inches measured at the Portland International Airport on Jan. 11, and some areas recording more than 8 inches. Many residents have been snowed in without power, but there's one group that sees a silver lining in the situation: the animals at the Oregon Zoo.

It's a delight to see animals like polar bears and seals roll around in the snow. It's their natural habitat, after all! A sea otter gets in on the fun, too, trying to take some snow with it into the water.

But the real treat of the video comes at the end as Samudra, an Asian elephant, steps out of his enclosure to see the snow. At first, Samudra seems a little confused, if not concerned, but he quickly begins to frolic (as much as an elephant can frolic) in the snow. He even attempts to throw a snowball with his trunk at one point, proving once and for all that all creatures love a good snowball fight.

Everybody likes a snow day (at the zoo)
Record snowfall in Portland created ideal conditions for elephants, sea otters and polar bears to enjoy a snow day.