It's been plenty hot in California, and one of the best ways to get a reprieve from the heat is to visit Lake Tahoe. Apparently, humans aren't the only ones who need a break from the ceaseless sun as three bears, one adult and two cubs, decided to go for a swim in the lake, too. The trio splash, playfully swipe at one another and even give licks and hugs. They were just like any other family enjoying the day at Pope Beach ... just with lots of fur and razor sharp claws.

When they were done in the water, the bears sauntered back up the beach as if to head into the woods. However, they were distracted by an unattended picnic table and its contents. So not only do these bears enjoy the refreshing waters of Lake Tahoe, but like Yogi Bear, they're not opposed to partaking in a picnic basket.

Family of bears enjoy a dip in Lake Tahoe
The bears didn't mind that there were a bunch of humans around.