After a long day on the farm, everyone deserves a rest, and the critters at Suetosh Farm in Japan's Nagano Prefecture are no exception. In fact, it seems the animals there like to take their breaks together.

So, after their work greeting visitors is done, four mini-pigs, a mini-horse and tortoise all gathered in a stall together for a group lie-down. (Well, judging by the horse's face, maybe it was expecting a little alone time, and these other critters came over and decided everyone should have a nap together.) In either case, the result is pretty darn adorable.

Scientists suspect that such cross-species bonds occur when the critters are young, and that they can provide insight into how animals form relationships among members of their own species.

Farm critters really know how to cuddle
Three mini-pigs, a mini-horse and a tortoise all relax together at a farm in Nagano Prefecture.