As a young hand on the farm, it's important to introduce yourself to all the animals to make sure they get used to your presence. Sometimes this doesn't always go very well, but when you're an adorable puppy, it just takes a few nose-to-nose boops.

This pup makes the rounds meeting Bontoro Farms' dairy cows by touching snouts. It's a bit more personal than a handshake, but it probably works better. "Here's what I look like, and, also, here's what I smell like, too! Oh, and this is what you smell like!"

It seems like a popular way make introductions! As the puppy greets the first cow, the other cows in the pen start mooing and saunter over to meet the little dog. Everyone gets nose boops, and at least two of the cows need a couple of them before everyone seems satisfied with this farm animal meet and greet. Perhaps it's the start of a beautiful friendship between cows and canine.

Farm puppy gets nosy with the cows
A puppy new to Bontoro Farms greets some of the dairy cows with nose-to-nose boops.