Ah, nothing like a refreshing shower of sand and rocks to start the day.

Reddit user tiramisucheese shared this video of herself sprinkling gravel over fish at an aquarium where she volunteers. The fish gather around her, waiting for their turn to be sprinkled with sand and small rocks from the tank. Some of the fish even turn on their sides to receive maximum exposure to the gritty rain.

Tiramisucheese doesn't offer up a reason why the fish seem so eager to have rocks poured over themin her replies to other Reddit users — she emphasizes that she's a music teacher by trade who just enjoys hanging out with fish — but it's possible that the fish have come to see her as a cleaning station.

In the ocean, cleaning stations are locations where marine life can be cleaned of bacteria and damaged tissue by other creatures, like shrimp or small fish like cleaner wrasses. Marine critters that need a cleaning come to certain spots, indicate they're looking for a cleaning often by puckering their mouths and wait their turn for a scrubbing.

In the video, the fish line up for tiramisucheese's gravel cleaning, and some even seem to be making an extra-fishy-looking fish face as they wait. The sand from the tank might mimic the sensation of having dead scales or parasites removed, giving the fish a sensation of the usual spa treatment but in a fresh new way.

Fish at aquarium enjoy a gravel shower
An aquarium volunteer rains gravel down on excited fish.