When we think of wildlife encounters, it's often in the "kill or be killed" frame of mind. It's very rare that our minds go, "Oh, that jaguar is just going to watch the potentially tasty anteater walk away."

But such is the case in the video above, filmed September 2017 in Brazil's Pantanal region by Luke Massey. And it was one of the oddest experiences of his life as a wildlife photographer.

"When I saw the jaguar strolling up behind the completely unaware — and at the time vulnerable — giant anteater, I just assumed I was either about to witness a kill or an almighty battle. I was not expecting the jaguar to lie down and watch," he said in a story published by National Geographic.

But this is pretty common, according to Fernando Rodrigo Tortato, a field researcher for the Pantanal Jaguar Project. In the same story, Tortato explained that anteaters only make up 5 percent a jaguar's diet; they prefer caiman, capybara and peccary.

"This jaguar could have had a full stomach, and was only curious about the giant anteater," he said.

Of course, the law of the jungle might have also been in full effect, too. Anteaters have terrifically sharp, 4-inch long claws that could easily do some damage to a jaguar. Perhaps the jaguar was simply weighing its options, hoping the anteater was weak in some way.

In any case, the footage shows that wild animals are just full of surprises.

Giant anteater isn't even a little scared of jaguar
A giant anteater in Brazil was just minding its own business when a jaguar sneaked up behind it. And then it kept minding its own business.