Get outta here, ya little punk

It's tough out there for a kid. Even when you're a super-cute one, like this baby goat. All it's doing is enjoying being king the tree stumps when another baby goat decides it wants to stage a little coup. Oh, how the mighty must fall.

Not only does the second kid want our plucky baby goat off the top stump, bit it wants its fellow kid off the stumps entirely. So, playfully, the first baby goat is exiled from the stumps. It's a soft landing, however, as it lands on a sheep just minding its own business. So, maybe it wasn't a soft landing for the sheep who, understandably, flicks its head at the kid to get it to shoo. This probably isn't the first time it's been landed upon by some dethroned ruler.

Truly, no one wants this cute little goat to rule. A second sheep drives home the point, herding the kid away from the sheep. "There'll be no more of your shenanigans today!" it seems to say, exiling the goat away from the land of the sheep. But the sheep didn't do a great job of its herding as you can see our hero's head pop up, probably on another tree stump, ready to resume its rightful place on the top.

And so goes the game of stumps: You either win or you land on a sheep and do the whole thing over again.

Stump-jumping goat lands on a sheep (whoops!)
All this baby goat wants is to be king (or queen) of the stumps and instead it just gets pushed around by everyone.