Describing it as doing "the bravest thing" in his life, Mike MacMillan rescued a skunk in need.

The skunk had gotten stuck its head in a soda can at some point — hopefully someone didn't force the can on the critter's head — and understandably panicked. It can't see, and it probably can't smell much, either. It's walking down a two-lane, residential road, oblivious to any possible dangers, be it human motorists or animal predators. Luckily for the skunk, MacMillan was neither of those things.

MacMillan keeps a calm voice while approaching the skunk, politely pleading for the skunk not to spray him with its trademark odorous spray. Given that skunks don't speak English and that the skunk can't see MacMillan, it keeps skittering away until MacMillan manages to get a firm hold on the soda can. The species then work together, with MacMillan pulling on the can while the skunk attempts to back out of the can until pop! The can comes off and the skunk hightails it to a wooden area to recover.

Maybe the skunk understood English, or just that MacMillan was there to help: It never sprayed him.

Good samaritan saves skunk from soda can
A man saves a skunk from being stuck with a soda on its head.