Bald eagle chicks born in Channel Islands National ParkTwo bald eagle chicks were born in the Channel Islands National Park on Santa Cruz Island. They are the first successful hatchlings for the parents.
Posted by ABC7 on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

After two unsuccessful attempts in 2014 and 2015, two bald eagles on Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park have hatched two eaglets in the Sauces Canyon Nest, and their entrance into the world was caught on the park's webcam. A third egg was laid, but disappeared before it hatched. The parents — the father known as A-40 and the mother called A-48 — were introduced to the island in 2005 and 2006, respectively, and have been paired together since 2014 (A-40 was with a different mate prior to A-48).

According to the National Parks Service, the eagles are the first of the Channel Islands' 19 known breeding pairs to lay eggs this year. The other 18 breeding pairs are scattered through the park, with one on Anacapa Island, seven others on Santa Cruz Island, two on Santa Rosa Island, seven on Catalina Island, and one San Clemente Island (a duo we highlighted when their pairing was announced by the park). The new eaglets and the number of paired eagles are good news for efforts to repopulate the islands' eagle population after it was wiped out in the 1960s due to DDT pesticides.

Hatching of 2 eaglets caught on webcam
The two eaglets hatched in Channel Islands National Park on Santa Cruz Island, and their emergence was caught on webcam.