Even on an overcast day, there are few things better than heading over to the park, heating up the grill and enjoying a picnic by a lake. Nature may even put on a show during the luncheon, making for the perfect day.

Unless you're this family in Melbourne, Australia, and nature's show involves a hawk dropping a live snake on the festivities.

At first the family is decidedly impressed by the hawk's soaring as it circles around the lake, but then the hawk offers its contribution to the lunch — a snake it just snatched up from the lake's edge — and, suddenly, no one is hungry any longer.

Update: Like a number of other media outlets, we picked up this video as a wild occurrence of nature. However, the day after the video gained attention, it was revealed to be a hoax, a video intended to go viral to promote the Australian football team the Hawthorn Hawks. Naturally.

Hawk delivers snake for family picnic
Who needs drone food delivery when you have hawks?