Waiting at a railway crossing is one of life's most irritating traffic events. The barriers lower. The lights flash. The alarm sounds. And then you wait ... and wait ... and wait some more. The train never seems to arrive. It's not as bad as the punishment light, but it's close.

If you're this elephant in India's Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, however, you're not going to let some barriers tell you how to live your life; you're just going to cross.

According to witnesses, the elephant first attempted to cross the tracks away from the barriers, but a metal fence stood in the way, so it turned back to the crossing area. The elephant carefully raises the first crossing bar and walks under it slowly. The second bar appears to be much lower than the first, so the elephant — with the same dose of caution — steps over the bar and continues on to its destination.

If only we motorists could be that bold.

Impatient elephant has no time for railroad barriers
This elephant did what few motorists would dream of doing at a railway crossing: Bypassing the barriers instead of waiting for the train.