There's nothing like seeing dozens of baby loggerhead sea turtles crawling toward the ocean, as this video from August 2015 in Georgia's Cumberland Island shows. (Go baby turtles, go!) But if this year's nest count is any indication, we could be seeing a lot more of them.

Researchers in 2015 found more than 2,300 nests, a good sign of the endangered species' recovery. Things are looking even better as the 2016 nesting season gets underway.

About 2,800 nests have been counted so far this year along Georgia's beaches, according to SavannahNow. Based on that count, biologist Mark Dodd with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources predicts that by the end of nesting season there could be more than 3,000 nests. Dodd isn't sure what's responsible for the nesting boom, but he credits the protected nature of many of Georgia's barrier islands and the conservation volunteers who keep close watch on the beaches.

It's been a banner year for sea turtle nests
Georgia is having a banner year for loggerhead sea turtle nests, which bodes well for the next phase when hatchlings scramble for the water.