The birth of a baby is cause for celebration, but when the baby is part of a critically endangered species, it's time to break out the party hats.

A female Eastern black rhino was born to mom Ayana and dad Kiano at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, on Oct. 11, and the zoo announced the birth on Oct. 17 with the video above. The birth, which you get a quick glimpse of in the video, was "textbook," according to zoo spokesperson Ryan Bickel. The calf weighs 80 pounds and was walking and feeding within a matter of hours after its birth.

As Bickel explained to the Des Moines Register, zookeepers had to baby-proof the pen by removing some of Ayana's favorite toys because they weigh as much as the newborn. Keepers also added wood panels to the enclosure cage since the calf was able to slip through the bars.

The calf is the first endangered rhino born in Iowa and the seventh to be born in captivity this year in the world. Between black rhinos in the wild and in captivity, the species population has fallen to fewer than 1,000 individual animals, including two rhinos born in the wild in Tanzania earlier this month.

It's a girl! Iowa zoo has a new baby black rhino
The unnamed rhino calf appears happy and healthy.