When you're on the boat for Fourth of July festivities, you expect some swimming, some sunbathing and seeing the reflection of fireworks sparkle in the water. What you do not expect is a baby raccoon swimming up to the boat and whimpering for assistance.

Such is the situation that Redditor mystadobalina and friends found themselves in, and they shared the moment in this video. Luckily, Peter, a fast-thinking member of the ship's crew, had the idea to lower a life vest down to the raccoon. The raccoon hangs onto it while another human speeds the raccoon through the water and back to shore. Those on the boat seem quick to forget Peter's role in all this, but we're sure the raccoon will always remember his speedy solution to this aquatic dilemma.

Kind boaters rescue baby raccoon with life jacket
A tiny raccoon became lost at sea, but it was rescued by some quick-thinking humans.