Lakomi loves all the belly rubs she gets from Sarah, a woman who helps wolves socialize after they've been placed in sanctuaries. In fact, based on the whimpers when Sarah stops, Lakomi wants all the belly rubs she can possibly get.

Lakomi has been through a lot. She was discovered in the wild at 8 months old but was wearing a harness intended for an 8-week-old pup. She had obviously been raised, if not bred, partially in captivity. She was brought to a sanctuary where vets set to work to remove the harness from her body, but it took many months because her skin had grown over the harness. Lakomi showed signs of being wild, routinely escaping her enclosure by jumping over fences or hanging by her jaw at the top of the fence.

And then came Sarah. She was told that Lakomi wasn't a likely candidate for proper socialization, but as the video proves, Sarah and Lakomi were not deterred by such predictions, and now Lakomi is a friendly and sweet member of the sanctuary.

Lakomi the wolf loves her some belly rubs
A sanctuary wolf gets some much needed belly rubs, and she never wants them to end.