Losing track of a child is not a pleasant experience for any parent. For many, it ends with finding the kid hiding in a weird spot, like the clothes racks in the mall department store. In the case of this jaguar mom who misplaced two of her cubs, she was able to find them with a little help from caring humans.

The two cubs, both 3 weeks old, were found in sugarcane fields by farmers from the Somatwadi village in Junnar, India. Rescue teams from Wildlife SOS retrieved the cubs and conducted medical exams to make sure they were in good health. They then placed the cubs in transfer crates at a location near where their mom has lost been spotted. Camera traps caught the footage of the mom finding and removing her cubs from the crates, including picking one up with her mouth.

It's good to see a potentially sad story have a very happy ending.

Leopard mom reunited with missing babies
The leopard cubs were found in a sugarcane field and reunited with their mother.